Coach "D"

      Meet Coach D, our team manager and the proud founder of the First to Third​ baseball training company. Finally fed up with poor conditions and lack of spirit in the ball program in his overall community. Darrell decided enough was enough. He refused to sit idle. He would not leave the game he fell in love with as a kid to be forgotten, ignored, and outsourced. "If we let the equipment get dusty, then the kids will get rusty." He understood that he could help boost the adolescent athletic atmosphere at large by creating one single great idea that kids, parents, and administrators could be proud of. "We just need to play better at a smaller level to begin with...sometimes a little smallball can get a team/community right back in the game." 

      The First to Third brand was born and rests on the idea that home grown values offer our children the best opportunity to flourish, on any level, in sports or life. Developing custom drills and applying proven disciplines designed to reinforce proper habits "at" home plate and "in" home with family, Coach D offers expert advice, safe recreation, and 100% dedication to your young athletes success at a reasonable price. 

     The First to Third  administration prides its clubhouse on respect for all people, love for our community, and the simple joy of friendly competition.

       Please feel free to visit the "Contact Info" page regarding any questions or maybe even prideful testimonies you may have.


Coach Nico

        He began his formal baseball experience in Pasadena Little League at Victory park. Then played with elite level clubs like " Play Hard"until high school. From there he excelled a John Muir High in Pasadena California where he met "Coach D", mistaking him for a MLB scout. "He was in all Altlanta Braves gear", Nico later recalls."Now he stays in First to Third."

          Coach Resendez is present at every camp and  several clinics, applying a wealth of technical knowledge and practical ideas toward baseball that could make a positive difference in your youth athletes development. As of this publishing he is working on receiving  his NASM training certificate to become a personal trainer.